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Select your car model, then the category of the part you are looking for. You will have to make your choice on the page of your catalog. You can also do a quick search in the search engine ("search") by name (example: filter) or (example: oil filter) or (example: oil filter 404 etc ...). We invite you to check the product sheet in "learn more" and "technical sheet", the information that may be useful to you on the compatibility of the product and your vehicle. The year (example: -> I 1985 = until the 1985 show, ie 06/1984. Or 1985 I-> = from the 1985 show, ie 07/1984. Knowing that until 'in 1967 the show was until 09/1967 and from 10/1967.), the serial number, the type, the engine, as well as the Peugeot references replaced (ex).

Left side = Driver side and Right side = Passenger side

The parts will be delivered within the limit of stocks available for exhausted references and without replacement solution. The other parts sold in stock or out of stock with a replenishment period of 24 to 96 hours on average as indicated for information on the product sheet, remain at your disposal for any necessary quantities. Regarding standard exchange parts, you must send the old goods to receive the new one (Art 11 of the GTC), to the address: Série 04, 519 rue de l'Andelle, Hameau de Launay 76780 Sigy-en- Bray, France.

We are also a buyer of lots or stocks of new Peugeot - Talbot - Simca - Citroën parts.
Info: New products are displayed for 10 days in the "new products" catalog.

Do not hesitate to ask us for a photo when it has not yet been made, as well as the vintage and model if they are not yet completed, the translation, see other information if necessary, size etc. .., we also have the possibility, if available, to order from you a reference or a product not yet created in the Series 04 catalog that we continue to develop daily, do not deprive yourself.

New and used parts: You can give us the original reference you are looking for if you know it, we will tell you the availability and we will give you the link. Our after-sales service, online before and after sales service is at your disposal. We also have a lot of used parts that are not for sale on our website, don't hesitate to ask us if you haven't found your part in the catalog. We do our best to answer you as soon as possible.

We do not make custom quote

but we can guide you on the site to find the materials sought, service before sale and after sale online is available. We do our best to answer as soon as possible. We also invite you to contact Peugeot clubs to find information about your vehicle model.



Once the "basket" enabled, you access the secure online payment of CB Crédit Coopératif pages.

You also have the option to pay by cheque (write your order number on the back).

Or by bank transfer : compte postale série 04

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IBAN FR75 2004 1010 1413 3453 4J03 580


do not forget to confirm your order through this you reserve your order parts until we receive your payment. The parts are reserved 8 days before its cancellation.


Mail order only. Except by appointment to remove bulky goods store.

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