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oil filter

1109 AL NOR

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oil filter

color: midnight blue

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ex 1109 R1 ex 1109 R0 ex 1109 T1 ex 1109 T0 ex 1109 X1 ex 1109 X2
605 2L0i Turbo and 2L0i turbo 16v engine
106 TU-TUD engine
306 HDi and 16S engine
406 mq 4-cylinder gasoline engine XU7JP4 XU10JP4 turbo diesel XUD9TE XUD11TE hdi DW10ATE.

height 91mm, external Ø: 77mm, connection thread: M20 x 1.5

XUD/DW8/DW10/DW12 TU/XU/XT10 motor

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